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Commemorating 13 June 2015 Tbilisi flood Victims

Today, the people and the Government of Georgia commemorate 13-14 June 2015 Tbilisi flood tragedy. In order to honour the memory of the victims, a memorial was placed at the epicentre of the last year's natural disaster in Georgian capital Tbilisi.

On the new highway linking Varaziskhevi with Tamarashvili Street volunteers today lit up a symbolic river of candles and honoured the memory of the flood victims by a minute of silence. 

Georgian people are deeply grateful to international community for the overwhelming support accorded to Georgia in the aftermath of the tragedy. In many countries around the globe, all the friends and supporters of Georgia have organised charity events and raised funds for mitigating the results of the Tbilisi flood and for extending invaluable support to the population of Georgia's capital affected by the disaster.